The Damselfly: Blacksmith forged guitar slide

Image of The Damselfly: Blacksmith forged guitar slide
The Damselfly is a completely original guitar slide, designed by Shane Speal and hand-forged by Forged in Fire champion, Derick Kemper of Damselfly Forge.

Note: The curl on the end of the slide was added to serve as a bottle opener!

The backstory: Traditional blacksmith, Derick Kemper is known for his period-correct ironwork crafted in his coal-fired forge. Kemper is also the harmonica player for Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band. Derick and I collaborated on a guitar slide that could have existed in the 1800's if slide guitar were invented at that time!

The unique guitar slide is reversible, enabling both slide and fretted playing. The bottom ring (which proudly displays the Damselfly Forge logo) is crafted to a men's 12 ring size, but can be adjusted to your own finger by tapping it closed with a small hammer or prying it open. (All adjustments should be done slowly and gently.)

The iron shaft serves as the slide and is sent with an original blacksmith edge for gritty, deep blues playing. It can be smoothed by using 240 grit sandpaper and higher.

FREE: Includes free copy of Poor Man's Guide Magazine (one per order) + collectible pin and burlap notion sack.

$3.95 US
$12 Worlwide shipping