Traditional Stubby Bottle Slide

Image of Traditional Stubby Bottle Slide

If you've ever attended a Tennessee snake handling church service, you might have seen little bottles like this passed around at the height of the evening. Some say the preacher fills them with strychnine for the parishioners to sip, proving that serpents and poison have no power over them. Mercy sakes alive!

We don't make any guarantees about sipping poison from these bottles, but we can tell you that these little suckers play BLAZING FAST LEADS on cigar box guitar. They fit perfectly on the end of your slide finger and are short enough to weave in between strings

I've found something smaller and more powerful: a classic strychnine bottle. It fits perfectly on the finger and covers three strings beautifully.

Height: 2 Inches 51 mm
Diameter: 1 1/4 Inches 31 mm
Opening: 3/4 Inch 19 mm

Extras: Shane Speal's cigar box guitar tuning guide, burlap mojo bag and a 1.5" blues button.

$3.95 US
$12 Worlwide shipping