RARE BONES: The LAST Bone Digger + Prototypes & Free Case

Image of RARE BONES:  The LAST Bone Digger + Prototypes & Free Case
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SPECIAL FLASH SALE - Only one set available. This three pack includes the very last Bone Digger stubby slide plus two Bone Digger prototype slides plus a free Stubby Slide case. It includes:

1. The very last Bone Digger ceramic slide. 1.4" length (36mm)
2. Knuckle-scoop prototype Bone Digger (Small cutaway for finger comfort.)
3. The Stealth Ring Bone Digger - A very short, angled slide which allows the player to twist it on their finger, allowing for full fretting and a one-string lead slide surface.

The Bone Digger was our first handcrafted ceramic stubby slide, fired from three different natural clays (white, red and brown), creating an artistic, graveyard bone finish with a Mississippi tone. It's mildly rough edge brings out deep Delta grind.

Speal used these slides in concert and in instruction videos for certain songs between 2017 and 2021. The slide is now discontinued. (Look for a new Shane Speal signature slide from Rocky Mountain coming soon.)

Self-stick felt included to line the inside, allowing you to give it an exact fit.
3/4" inside diameter (19mm)
1.4" length (36mm)

Each slide comes with a strip of self-adhesive felt so you can line the inside and size the slide perfectly to the top of your finger. Also comes with Shane Speal's cigar box guitar tuning guide.

$4.95 US
$13.75 Worldwide shipping